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Assorted Homes (154)
Ocean (46)
$125,900 - $21,900,000
Assorted Condos (213)
Ambassador Ii (6)
$215,000 - $699,000
Palm Beach (102)
$132,000 - $63,500,000
Sloans Curve (3)
$1,295,000 - $2,950,000

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Bedroom Size Units For Sale Avg. $/Sq. Ft. Avg. Listing Price Avg. Days On Market
Studios 8 $492 $172,988 0
1 Bedroom 53 $1,861 $500,581 0
2 Bedrooms 183 $613 $1,029,041 0
3 Bedrooms 129 $967 $2,687,148 0
4 Bedrooms 73 $1,509 $5,854,158 0
5 Bedrooms 29 $1,595 $9,263,966 0
6+ Bedrooms 47 $2,001 $19,428,362 0

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2,061 listings
$34,900 - $25,000,000
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$30,000 - $8,000,000
227 listings
$155,000 - $13,550,000

Palm Beach

Your living experience in Florida gets an upgrade when you move to Palm Beach. But it’s not just the standard of living and income that goes up, but also the cost of living. However, the higher cost of living in Palm Beach comfortably matches with the average income of the individuals. According to the latest statistics, the median household in Palm Beach 124% than than of Florida.

While the cost of living index is only 97 percent higher, which means, you end up being better off moving to Palm Beach from any other city in Florida. According to a 2016 report by the Bureau of Statistics, there are 1378806 living in Palm Beach, of which, a whopping 73 percent are married compared to 54 percent in Florida and 55 percent in the US.

But there are more reasons to move to Palm Beach County. The county has a 49 percent lower crime rate than Florida which makes it a safe place for families to move into (hence the high rate of married couples). And if you are moving with your family, there are many local amenities rated A+ and the quality of education is one of the best in Florida. In terms of numbers, Palm Beach has 19% higher high school graduation rate than Florida.

Palm Beach provides an amazing all-around and exhilarating living that’s much better than any other counties in Florida. So it’s worthwhile to put Palm Beach on the top of your list for you next move.

The vibrant culture of Palm Beach County resonates through diversity of the area. While ¾ of the population is White, 20 percent are Hispanics and 2.5 percent are Asians. The majority speaks English with only 4 percent speaking Spanish.

Palm Beach is not your average living space. It’s an absolute setting of serene, outdoor living where every place feels like home. And coupled with the amazing views, Palm Beach has some outstanding amenities too.

For some, Palm Beach is a pure amalgamation of community and luxury living. For families who wish to move there, Palm Beach offers very good educational opportunities with 59 percent of the individuals having a Bachelor’s or higher degree. The health facilities are great and people love to opt healthy lifestyles with 87 percent of population being non-smokers.

Palm Beach is the heart of Palm Beach County. Moving there may sound like a hefty investment, but it’s totally worth your hard-earned money!

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