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El Portal 
One of the key places where prospective homeowners are considering turning as their base is Miami. The same thing holds true for investors who are looking for a real estate property to put their money in, because Miami has an ideal climate, a luxurious neighborhood and all the amenities that renters and homeowners can possibly need.  
El Portal Real Estate 
Out of all the cities in Miami where you can put your money in, why would you go for El Portal? First, let’s have a quick look at what it is all about as a city. Being the small community that it is located just South of Miami Shores, El Portal was only incorporated in 1937. This was the time that El Jardin, Sherwood Forest and El Portal merged into one city. 
If you want to live in a city which is rich in nature but still close to the modern city amenities that you can possibly need, then you should definitely consider getting a property in El Portal. The city itself is known as a bird sanctuary which serves as home to beautiful trees and bird species. If you live in, you might even be lucky enough to catch a peacock actually roaming around the green streets! 
Another factor which makes El Portal real estate properties such a valuable commodity is the fact that the designs and styles of home ranges from those which are built with a Spanish Revival influence, to the more contemporarily-designed homes. 
Why It Pays to Purchase El Portal Homes & Condos 
The name of the city was derived from the Spanish word puerta which means gate. Aside from the homes here having a Spanish Revival influence, the entire community is also made up of mostly two-bedroom homes. So this size of a residential unit is suitable for you, then you will definitely have a blast living in the lush neighborhood of El Portal in the Miami-Dade County in Florida. 
Another reason why it pays to purchase El Portal homes and condos is the fact that it is pretty much close to where everything is. There is actually no commercial district in El Portal itself, but you can easily trek through one of its immediate neighbors to get the items that you need. 
In terms of location, El Portal is situated near the prestigious Barry University, Coconut Grove, South Beach, Downtown Miami and the Miami International Airport. Just a stone’s throw away are the finest nightlife restaurants that Miami has to offer. 
If you want to have an idea about the average price of the residential units here, check out the online real estate listings which are specific to El Portal. Out of all the cities in Florida, there are plenty of pleasant reasons why it pays to buy a property here – starting from the quality of life that you will get to enjoy to the aesthetic appeal of the place which is unique to El Portal. No matter which property you end up buying, what’s important is to exert time and effort into looking for one which will perfectly suit your homemaking or investment needs. 


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