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Jupiter Island (17)
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Jupiter Narrows (2)
$429,000 - $499,000
Medalist Village (7)
$1,000,000 - $2,149,000
Osprey Cove (7)
$585,000 - $664,950
Olympia Plat 1 (3)
$350,000 - $440,000
Pastelle Pud (2)
$349,000 - $449,900
Poinciana Gardens (5)
$10,000 - $429,000
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3 Bedrooms 53 $235 $534,614 0
4 Bedrooms 53 $374 $1,427,847 0
5 Bedrooms 9 $609 $2,710,094 0
6+ Bedrooms 13 $1,217 $9,540,231 0

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Hobe Sound: A hometown of profound celebrities with eye-striking view of Atlantic Ocean
Martin Country has total five districts and Hobe Sounds are its third biggest district. Hobe Sound is located in the Martin Country near the Atlantic Ocean but doesn’t link with Jupiter Island. The population estimated for this district was 11,500 according to the 2010 census which might have increased by now. Hobe Sound is also known as a hometown to many celebrities, e.g. Golf's champion 'Tiger Woods' and Singing Sensation Celine Dion, Alan Jackson and many others. It has a total area of 5.7 sq ml (14.8 km2) out of which 5.5 Sq ml consist of land while only 0.3sq ml is occupied by water.  
Hobe Sound was named after two Native American groups Jobe & Jove Indians before the settlement of Europe. The different European language like in Spanish Jobe pronounce as 'Xobe' and it later evolved as 'Hobe'.  Over the decades, it was a home or a winter home for wealthy businessmen and industrialists, politicians, sports and entertainment celebrities.  
According to the census 2000, there were estimated 5,175 households with 3266 families residing there, however it would might have increased by now. If we classify the people with different races living in Hobe Sound are 90% are white, while other races are African America, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and from different other races, respectively.  Taking along the same census, the per capita income of this place was $21,603 and only 5.5% of population is below poverty line. 
In Transportation, there are less availability of public mass transit and people mostly have private automobile. There are no such highways in the Hobe Sound, only 7 Miles from the mainland. Moreover, there are elementary, middle and high schools and have good education facilities.
Tourists and travelers from all around the globe love the flawless shorelines, pristine parks and lush green golf courses of Hobe Sound. If you are planning a visit, explore Jonathan Dickinson State Park for outdoors and kayaking or Blowing Rocks Preserve to see the limestone-studded beach. 
The Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is something beyond snakes and crocodiles. This non-touristy stop delightfully shows the untamed life here additionally gives you the chance to hike through this one of a kind piece of geography. If you like wildlife, then Hobe Sound Nature Center is an of its kind for you. Extraordinary showcases of nearby creatures in for recovery.  
Hobe Sound has vacation rentals with both high and economical fares. If you are planning to visit here in the summer, talk to your trusted travel agent for the best package and enjoy your tour in Hobe Sound.  


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