Most of the time, consumers assume going with the bigger company will ensure them cheaper prices, faster delivery times, and a bigger customer support team if they have problems with their product. It’s a natural phenomenon that leads more people to sign onto for buying a product as opposed to walking down Main Street and investing in a local store.

This same preconceived notion leads a lot of homebuyers and sellers to overlook the benefits of using a local real estate brokerage while looking for a nationally established one. Though large real estate companies may have massive marketing means, that doesn't mean they are able to provide the one-on-one, tailored attention to each individual client. Local real estate brokerages can provide this kind of guidance, and they can do so with expert knowledge of local community listings and information.

A local independent real estate brokerage, such as Best of Luxury Realty, is large enough to have its own marketing and technology department with a strong local, as well as global reach, enabling it to compete with international franchises for clients. But, one key difference by opting with this independent brokerage is that they source their data directly from local MLS instead of national apps like Zillow or Trulia, which have a significant amount of outdated information and errors. The local firm has data precision that comes “hot off the press” right out of the MLS server.

Additional Benefits:

Some other local realtor benefits to consider include unmatched local knowledge regarding home prices that look deeper than the simple stats and averages, neighborhood familiarity for making expert recommendations regarding home locations, local videography services for providing realistic videos to clients around the world, and one-on-one agent attention for meeting in-person to go over the wants and needs of the client.

Buying and selling a home is a seriously daunting financial undertaking, one that brings a lot of stress to individuals every single day. Though we are programmed to consider the “big guys” when it comes to consumerism today, it’s important not to forget about the detail-oriented, custom-tailored attention that comes from using an independent, local brokerage for buying and selling homes. Only local agents will truly know what kind of setting the house resides in, and what kind of updated data they can pull from the MLS server.

Best of Luxury Realty is an example of a local brokerage that works hard to provide first-person information for making the entire process more lucrative and less stressful on everyone. Their local perspective is one to consider over the national noise of conglomerate companies.